TRUSS Night Spa Serum - Overnight Hair Treatment - 100% Vegan Wax Base, Organic Actives - Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Anti-Frizz Formula - Offers Softness, Extra Shine, Seals Hair Cuticle

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TRUSS Professional Night Spa Serum is a deep moisturizing, anti-frizz and anti-aging night serum designed to protect and restore softness and shine to dry or damaged hair. This anti-frizz hair serum infuses your locks with a blend of miracle oils to restore lipids, amino acids and protein to increase resistance and elasticity. Apply this overnight hair growth serum weekly to restore damaged hair and reap the benefits of vitamins E and F that assist with hair growth and slow down hair pigmentation loss. The thermal protector combats split ends and drying to add more shine and softness to your hair.

The Truss Professional Night Spa Serum is free from any kinds of additives, preservatives or chemicals to make sure you receive only the finest source of ingredients. The conditioning agent of this hair growth serum works to reduce frizz while restoring the strength, softness and shine you desire. Infused with Bio Affinity Complex, this night serum for dry and damaged hair works to repair damaged hair cuticles and acts as a cement inside of the hair fiber to restore lipids and amino acids and proteins while increasing resistance and elasticity. Simply apply the Night Spa Serum onto the tips and length of dry hair in sections and massage into the hair. Avoid applying at the roots for best results. Allow the night spa serum to sit overnight and wash as usual the next morning.

Truss has a 15-year history of producing high-quality professional hair products that have an impressive presence in more than 9 countries within the finest hair salons in the world. The professional and home care brand offers a wide variety of hair masks, ultra-hydrating conditioners and formulas that are free from any kinds of additives, preservatives or chemicals to make sure you receive only the finest source of ingredients.


  • Overnight Hair Serum Treatment; Moisturize And Condition Overnight With This Hair Serum For Damaged Hair; Made With Vegan Wax; This Hair Serum For Dry Hair Restores Hair And Increases Resistance And Elasticity
  • Anti Frizz Formula; Reduce Frizz And Add Softness To Your Hair With Vitamin E That Includes A Blend Of Miracle Oils; Restores Protein Lipids And Amino Acids To Your Lovely Locks
  • Vegan Hair Serum; Transport Nutrients Into Your Hair Fibers With This Anti Frizz Hair Treatment That Includes Micro Amino Acids Myrica Fruit Wax And Bioaffinity; Protects Dry Damaged Or Chemically Treated Hair
  • Shine Enhancing Treatment Serum For Dry Hair; Increase The Elasticity Shine Flexibility And Resistance With This Hair Treatment For Frizzy Hair; Crafted With Ceramides This Overnight Treatment Increases Softness And Shine With Color Protection Action
  • Cuticle Sealing Hair Serum; Give Your Hair The Boost It Needs With This Overnight Hair Serum That Features Anti Aging Action To Protect Dry Or Damaged Hair From Sun Damage

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