TRUSS Infusion Shampoo for Dry, Dull, Damaged Hair - 100% Vegan Base Keratin & Collagen Anti-aging, Color Safe Shampoo Deeply Hydrates, Protects & Restores for Strong, Soft, Shiny Hair

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Truss Professional Infusion shampoo for dry, dull, and damaged hair. Acting as an anting-aging agent Infusion Shampoo deeply hydrates and restores the strands, covering them with a protective layer for stronger, shinier hair. With a physiological PH and no added dye, it is recommended for daily use and color protection. This Vegan, intensive repair shampoo for color treated and chemically damaged hair types is a pH balanced formula that targets damage sites, closes the cuticle and locks nutrients deep inside the hair shaft. By closing the cuticle color is protected from environmental damage and increases vibrancy of salon or at home coloring. 

Vegan collagen, proteins and proprietary ingredients are used in place of animal byproduct to make an ethical, safe and effective shampoo for all hair types, textures and level of damage. This gentle cleaning shampoo will not strip color and prevents color fading on red, blonde, highlighted or bleached hair. This ingredients target damage site and repair the cuticle leaving your hair tangle free, soft and manageable. Gentle enough for daily use. 

Truss has a 15-year history of producing high-quality professional salon products that have an impressive presence in more than 9 countries within the finest hair salons in the world. The professional and home care brand offers a wide variety of hair masks, ultra-hydrating conditioners and formulas that are free from any kind of additives, preservatives or chemicals to make sure you receive only the finest source of ingredients.


  • Vegan Base Formula; This Gentle Cleansing Shampoo Contains No Animal Byproducts And Is Not Tested On Animals; Contains Vegan Collagen And Vegan Keratin Proteins
  • Color Protection; Professional Color Care Shampoo That Restores And Enhances Color; Protects Hair From Environmental Damage And Prevents Color Fading
  • Anti Aging Repair For Damaged Hair; Amino Acids And Vegan Proteins Help To Repair And Revitalize The Hair; This Advanced Repair Shampoo Targets Dry Areas And Chemical Damage For All Hair Types Textures; This Formula Reduces Hair Stress With Anti Aging Ingredients
  • Adds Softness And Shine; Deep Hydration Repairs Damage And Leaves Colored Highlighted Or Bleached Hair Feeling Soft And Manageable; Balances The Hair And Closes The Cuticle; Hair Retains Its Natural Shine Making Colors Appear More Vibrant
  • pH Balanced For Daily Use; Balancing The pH Of The Hair Leaves The Cuticle Smooth Reduces Tangles And Locks Nutrients And Moisture Deep Inside The Hair

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