Truss Curly Conditioner - Restore, Repair & Strengthen Curly, Wavy, Highly Textured, Dense & Damaged Hair. Define, Detangle, Controls Frizz, Block Humidity for All Curly Hair Types, Lengths, Textures

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Truss Professional Curly Conditioner is a perfect combination of moisture and repair for maintaining any curly, wavy, coiled or permed hair type. No matter if your hair is short or long use this formula to bring elasticity, bounce and fullness back to tour damaged and dehydrated curls. Restore elasticity and body by repairing damaged hair with natural keratin protein. Repair damage caused by chemicals damage, wind, sun, color, bleach our highlighting. This conditioner is ideal for people with curls, waves, beach waves, coiled, or highly textured and everything in between.

Helping keep a uniform curl pattern with this hydrating formula and seal down the cuticle with the proper pH to insure ultimate humidity protection. Outside humidity will easily throw off your curls and instantly create frizz in damaged and dry curls. This pH seal also helps protect your color and keeps even coarse and difficult to manage hair shiny and looking its best.

Curly hair needs extra detangling conditioners to reduce breakage and split ends. Comb this conditioner easily through your hair in the shower and safely untangle snags without pulling or snagging. Excellent conditioner for children with highly textured hair and makes detangling a breeze. 

Truss has a 15-year history of producing high-quality products that have an impressive presence in more than 9 countries within the finest hair salons in the world. The professional and home care brand offers a wide variety of hair masks, ultra-hydrating conditioners and formulas that are free from any kind of additives, preservatives or chemicals to make sure you receive only the finest source of ingredients.


  • Repair And Restore Curls With Keratin Protein; Damaged Curls Are Repaired Instantly By Adding Natural Keratin Protein To Damaged Sites; Restores The Integrity Of The Hair; Use This Product Daily To Revive Dry Damaged Curls
  • Maintain Shine Restore Elasticity; By Sealing The Cuticle Layer Of The Hair This Product Increases Elasticity Which Brings Back Bounce And Movement To Your Curls; Sealing Repair Formula Gives Curls Unmatched Shine And Long Lasting Body
  • Soften Moisturize And Detangle Curls; Dry And Dehydrated Curls Appear Dull And Lifeless; Add Moisture To Bring Curls Back To Life And Make Even The Driest Curls Soft Again; Detangle Hair Easily Without Breakage Or Added Damage
  • Block Humidity While Hydrating Hair; By Restoring pH Balance To Your Hair This Formula Blocks Unwanted Humidity From Causing Frizz And Ruining Your Style; Intensive Hydration Helps Give Curls A Uniform Pattern
  • Ideal For All Curly Hair Types; Use This Product On All Curl Types; Loose Waves Ringlets Beach Waves And Highly Textured Hair Benefits From This Intensive Repair Conditioner

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