Salerm Cosmetics Salermvison Permanent Cream Hair Color 75ml / 2.5oz

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High-performance hair dye that combines an excellent result of its tones with total respect for the integrity of the scalp and skin. 

  • Total grey hair coverage.
  • Very deep shades.
  • Greater resistance to washing.
  • Vibrant colours for longer.


  • High purity of the colourants used in the formulas.
  • Greater penetration and fixation in the cortex of the hair.
  • Greater resistance to washing and more colour efficiency.
  • Natural moisturising and restructuring components.


Cold Naturals: Shades with a cooler shade formulation and an exclusive technology that helps to strengthen and care for the hair.

  • Cold Cover System: cool shades with high coverage.
  • Plex Fiber Protect Technology: designed to provide stronger, more resistant hair.
  • Scalp Comfort: system to soothe sensitive skin.


Coloración que proporciona excelentes resultados con tonos brillantes y duraderos con una cobertura perfecta de canas y máximo respeto por el cabello. Tinte capilar de altas prestaciones que combina un excelente resultado de sus tonos con un total respeto por la integridad del cuero cabelludo y la piel.

  • Total cobertura de canas.
  • Tonos de gran profundidad.
  • Mayor resistencia a los lavados.
  • Colores vibrantes y por más tiempo.

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