Salerm Cosmetics Keratin Shot Hair Pack Post Keratin Therapy - Shampoo, mask and Keratin Serum Bundle

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Salerm Cosmetics Keratin Shot Hair Pack Post Keratin Therapy - Shampoo, mask and Keratin Serum Bundle

Home maintenance kit for the Keratin Shot treatment consisting of the Step-1 maintenance shampoo, Step-2 the Deep Impact Plus mask 6.9oz and Step-3 the Keratin Shot serumKeratin Shot is a set of straightening treatments formulated to keep hair straight while caring for and protecting it. The family is made up of the Keratin Shot treatment, noted for its powerful reconstructing action and the Co-Wash treatment, an effective innovative treatment that shortens and facilitates the straightening process for the professional.

Specific Shampoo formulated to prepare the hair for the straightening system and for post-process maintenance.

Deep treatment mask, specially formulated for Keratin Shot maintenance use. With a laminating effect to help maintain straight hair for longer.

Keratin Shot Serum provides extra conditioning and instant shine as a finishing touch to the Keratin Shot treatment. Eliminates static electricity and closes split ends. "

Home maintenance kit for the Keratin Shot firming treatment with lifting effect. Prolongs the results of the treatment for up to 3 months. 



Kit de mantenimiento en casa del tratamiento Keratin Shot compuesto por el champú de mantenimiento, la mascarilla Deep Impact Plus y el sérum Keratin Shot.

Champú específico formulado para preparar el cabello para el sistema de alisado y para el mantenimiento posterior al proceso.

Mascarilla de tratamiento profundo, especialmente formulada para el uso del mantenimiento de Keratin Shot. Con efecto laminante para ayudar a conservar el cabello liso por más tiempo.

Sérum Keratin Shot aporta acondicionamiento extra y brillo instantáneo como toque final del tratamiento Keratin Shot. Elimina la electricidad estática y cierra las puntas abiertas. "

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