Salerm Biokera Natura Deco-Eco Plex Protect - Decolorante Biokera sin Amoniaco Vegano

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Biokera Deco-Eco Plex Protect Organic 500 gr.

Plex Protect technology increases hair strength and reduces breakage, guaranteeing longer color duration.

Deco Eco Biokera's ammonia-free bleach, which takes care of your hair thanks to Plex Protect technology. It incorporates trace elements from Saativa Oat flour and certified organic vegetable oils. Its high lightening power allows up to 9 shades of lightening.

It includes blue pigments that neutralize orange reflections derived from the technical process. Its composition allows the combination of bleaching powders with treatment ampoules, such as the Matizing Oil, which will give greater conditioning to the hair.

How to use:

Apply in a proportion of 1 + 3 (1 meter plus 60 grams of oxidant). We recommend using Biokera Color oxidizer in 20, 30 or 40 volumes as necessary.




Deco Eco incorporates the innovative Plex Protect technology that protects the hair in aggressive treatments, preserving the hair fiber. This is an additive with the main purpose of increasing strength and reducing breakage after treatment, while sealing the structure to ensure longer color duration.

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