Recamier Professional Salon In +Pro Curls and Waves Hair Conditioner 10.1 fl.oz. - Acondicionador para Cabello Rizado y Ondulado

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Recamier Professional Salon In +Pro Curls and Waves Hair Conditioner 10.1 fl.oz.

Curly hair can be an exceptional experience, and that's why your coils deserve premium care with Protein Deep Conditioner for your hair. It helps improve hair care and allows you to repair it with a damaged hair treatment. Not showing your curls is no longer in fashion with our anti-dandruff conditioner; the results would be impressive. Curls are in fashion, and they are here to stay. For that reason, looking fabulous became our goal with RECAMIER hair conditioner. Detangles and adds a natural shine to your curls by using our curly hair conditioner. Show off those curls all day without losing your style and without having to worry about frizz, thanks to the frizz ease conditioner. Your hair needs freedom. Recamier deep conditioner for curly hair gives it to you. Let your hair down to make it look shiny. Keeping your hair healthy and strong can be sometimes challenging, but with our products, you don´t need to worry anymore. The best way to show off natural curls is with natural ingredients. Recamier enhances your hair care with oil conditioner thanks to its components with Keratin that will keep your hair moisturized between each wash.

SALON IN Curls & Waves Acondicionador para Cabello Rizado y Ondulado

Acondicionador desenreda, acondiciona y nutre profundamente el cabello rizado y ondulado. Su fórmula combina ingredientes que actúan directamente en la fibra capilar de adentro hacia afuera, hidratando su capa externa, reforzando su estructura y proporcionando rizos y ondas disciplinados, definidos, suaves y naturales por horas. Ingredientes: Agente acondicionador, Keratina, Aceite de Jojoba y Biotina.



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