Recamier Professional Salon In +Pro Color Guard Hair Shampoo 33.8oz

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Recamier Professional Salon In +Pro Color Guard Shampoo 33.8oz(1000ml)

Mild salt free shampoo. Cleanses hair, seals and protects color from fading. UV filter: Formula specially developed for dyed hair. Containing UV filters, wheat protein and Vitamin E that seal, protect and prevent the color from fading. Color Guard Products leave hair nourished, moisturized and with the perfect color. Wheat protein: Low molecular weight protein capable to penetrate profoundly the hair’s cuticle, allowing to rebuild, seal and protect its fiber.

Shampoo muy suave sin sal. Limpia el cabello. Sella, protege, mantiene y extiende el color por más tiempo. Filtro UV: Protege el color del cabello de los rayos UV, protegiendo la pérdida de color provocada por la acción dañina del sol. Proteínas de trigo: Proteína de bajo peso molecular, capaz de penetrar profundamente la cutícula del cabello, reconstruye la fibra capilar, sella y protege.

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