Naissant Professional Energy Hair Treatment . Hair Growth Accelerator and Strengthener

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Naissant Professional Energy Hair Treatment Shampoo. Hair Growth Accelerator and Strengthener

Fast Growth.

Shampoo and Mask.

The Naissant Energy shampoo and mask will be your best ally for the growth of your hair, due to the mixture of sulpeptides, amino acids and vitamins such as Biotin, they nourish, stimulate and strengthen the hair follicle, leaving hair strong, healthy and luminous. At the same time it combats hair loss caused by irritation of dyes, lack of vitamins or excess heat (iron and dryer)

Argan Oil is specially designed for sensitized hair, as a daily treatment it will give your hair a smooth, manageable and repaired appearance. If applied with damp hair, it will work as a thermal protector against damage caused by the iron or the dryer.

  • It nourishes and strengthens the hair follicle, preventing abnormal hair loss, accelerating its growth and leaving it stronger, healthier and brighter.
  • Combats hair loss caused by excess heat (irons and dryers), irritation of dyes or lack of vitamins
  • It does not contain salt because it absorbs the natural water in your hair and causes frizz, it also removes and shortens the duration of coloring, straightening and keratins.
  • Avoid abnormal hair loss.
  • Accelerates the growth of some haircut that did not go as expected
  • Strengthens fine hair follicles.
  • Our principal ingredient = Marine Glycogen

El Shampoo y la mascarilla Energy de Naissant gracias a la mezcla de sus ingredientes nutre y fortalece el folículo piloso evitando la perdida anormal del cabello, acelerando su crecimiento, dejándolo más fuerte, sano y luminoso.

Modo de uso: Aplicar Shampoo Energy sobre el cuero cabelludo húmedo, frotar con la yema de los dedos, dejar actuar entre dos a ocho minutos y enjuagar con abundante agua.

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