Mawie Chocolate Gourmet Hair Mask with Cocoa and coffee. Adds Moisture, shine, and strength 17 oz.

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The damaged hair treatment is a delicious temptation, made of cocoa, hazelnuts and coffee, that help moisturize, nourish, provide elasticity and regulate grease. Hair oils for hair growth also serves as an antioxidant, that acts protecting the scalp follicles, giving them oxygen, stimulating healthier growth and preventing hair loss. Hair products also protects hair from Sun UV radiation, keeping its color and quality intact and preventing damage.

Experience a delicious sensation, intense shine and softness with hair growth products. Stimulates growth and prevents hair loss.


  • Gourmet chocolate hair treatment stimulates blood circulation to your scalp providing energy, vitality and shine. Ideal for mixed hair.
  • Hair treatment masks made of Colombian cocoa, hazelnuts and coffee, that help to deeply moisturize providing hair shine and softness. Does not change hair color.
  • Hair products for women made of natural ingredients, salt and parabens free, not tested on animals.
  • Hair repair treatment for damaged hair, stimulates growth, helps prevent hair loss, leaving it shinier and softer. Contains Vitamin E and Cacao, essential ingredients to prevent hair loss and reduce excess oil.
  • Apply hair mask for dry damaged hair and growth to your hair from the root to the tips, strand by strand, you can leave it for long, even all night before washing.

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