Lendan Activia Oxilen Stabilized Developer Cream 20V (6%) 34.6 OZ - Oxigenada Estabilizada en Crema

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What it is:
Are you ready to take your hair coloring experience to the next level? Look no further than Lendan Activia Oxilen Stabilized Developer Cream, the essential companion for achieving stunning, long-lasting hair color transformations. This high-quality developer cream is designed to elevate your hair coloring game and ensure outstanding results every time.
What it does:
Our developer cream is carefully formulated with stability in mind. This means you can trust it to maintain its effectiveness over time, providing consistent results for all your coloring needs.
What else you need to know:
Achieve your desired hair color with precision and ease. This developer cream offers excellent control, ensuring that your chosen shade is accurately mixed and applied for flawless coverage.
Lendan Activia Oxilen Stabilized Developer Cream - 20V(6%) - 34.6 oz

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