Kuul Cure Me Aminogen Complex Hair Reconstruction Kit Shampoo and Treatment 2 x 10.1 oz ea.


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Kuul Cure Me Aminogen Complex Hair Reconstruction Kit Shampoo and Treatment

Contains one of each:

  • Complex Hair Reconstruction Shampoo 10.1 oz.
  • Complex Hair Reconstructor Leave In Treatment 10.1 oz.

It helps to repair and reconstruct dry or damaged hair. KUUL CURE ME SHAMPOO is the beginning of a whole repair and reconstruct system for hair fibers. It helps you get a healthy hair by providing the level of protein the hair needs. The fine formula of KUUL CURE ME is enriched by its AMINOGEN COMPLEX component; a combination of amino acids and proteins which are absorbed to wholly clean the hair structure from root to tip. Its action provides cleanliness and the hydration level any hair needs. It helps to repair hair damage caused by chemical processes, environmental factors and the action of external heat sources. Includes a U.V. filter to protect the hair from the damaging effects of the sun and the environment.

Gracias a sus agentes acondicionadores, logra una reparación y reconstrucción integral en las fibras del cabello. Resultado: una cabellera fuerte y sana con los niveles de hidratación que el cabello necesita.

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