Green Ekii Body Firming Cold and Hot Gel 8.8 oz | Gel Caliente y Frio 250g

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Green Ekii Body Firming Cold and Hot Gel 8.8 oz

Cold & Hot body firming gel with natural extracts of 9 plants including Horse Chestnut, Artichoke, Calendula, Green Tea, Spirulina and Seaweed with L- Carnitine.


Ideal for massages in the abdomen, legs and buttocks. Apply in the desired area with circular massages for at least 5 minutes in order to activate circulation and get better results. Leave the product applied until it is completely absorbed.

Horse chestnut

anti-inflammatory and vasodilator. Stimulates blood circulation in veins and could favor elimination of toxins and avoid retention of liquids.


Rich in high quality proteins and chlorophyll, having a detox action in blood, helping with the elimination of toxins.


Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it accelerates the basal metabolism, contributing to a higher burn of calories.


Diuretic and depurative agent, preventing liquid retention. It also has astringent and cicatrizing properties. Being rich in silicium, it helps maintain collagen and favor tissue elasticity.


Helps metabolize and eliminate fat more efficiently.


Natural red-yellow pigment which acts as an anti-inflammatory.


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