Funat Seaweed Cold Gel Anti-Cellulite Slimming Cold Body Scrub 8.8 Oz | Gel Reductor Quema Grasa Extra Frio 250g

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Funat Seaweed Cold Gel Anti-Cellulite Slimming Cold Body Scrub 8.8 Oz

NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR SLIMMING YOUR BODY. Improve your skin texture and stop worrying about that. Say hello to a beautiful skin with this amazing cellulite reducer cold gel that will tone up your skin and reaffirm it at the same time. This slimming gel is ideal if you want to eliminate cellulite fast, this firming gel is the perfect complement to your exercising routine or your everyday use girdle. With a proper diet, you’ll lose cellulite and inches faster than you think! This toning gel is created with seaweed and gotu kola, effective natural ingredients that visibly help you get rid of cellulite. Our seaweed gel cellulite reduction properties make it also an active fat remover. Once you start using this slim gel your skin will have more elasticity and will look much better. Just put a thin layer of our extra firm gel on the area with a round massage and let it dry for 5 minutes before getting dressed. There's no need for washing afterwards.

Gel Reductor Quema Grasa Extra Frio 250g

PRODUCTOS NATURALES REDUCTORES DE MEDIDAS. Este gel reductor reafirma tu piel y la hace lucir hermosa al tiempo que quema grasa y reduce la flacidez. Los componentes de origen natural de nuestro gel frio proveen una sensación ideal para masajes de abdomen, piernas, glúteos o cualquier zona. Solo aplica una delgada capa y déjalo secar por 5 minutos antes de vestirte. Evita el contacto con los ojos y suspende su uso si observas alguna reacción desfavorable.


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