abril et nature - Instant Mask Energic - Keratin Mask - 200 ml - Treatment for Dry and Frizzy Hair - Restores Strength to the Hair Fibre - Powerful Anti-Frizz - Hair Care

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abril et nature - Instant Mask Energic - Keratin Mask - 200 ml - Treatment for Dry and Frizzy Hair - Restores Strength to the Hair Fibre - Powerful Anti-Frizz - Hair Care

Helping you to keep your hair as healthy and beautiful as possible is the fundamental task of our Instant Mask Energic. It is the keratin mask of the Energic treatment specially created for extreme cases of frizz. Its positively charged cationic conditioners eliminate the most stubborn frizz and the keratin and emollients repair and moisturise hair to restore health and shine.

How to use:

Once the shampoo has been rinsed with plenty of water, drain the hair and remove excess water. Using your fingers, spread a sufficient amount to cover all the hair, helping with the comb to make sure you reach all the hair. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water.

About us:

abril et nature offers the most effective hair treatments: shampoos, masks and finishing concentrates that repair, care for and maintain healthy and beautiful hair. The dyed hair and the styling line are also our strengths so that besides being beautiful and healthy, you can create hairstyles without damaging the hair thanks to their protective active ingredients and their latest generation formulations.


  • ✅ REPAIRING MASK FOR FRIZZY HAIR: Our Instant Mask Energic by abril et nature is indicated for repairing hair fibre that has considerable damage to the keratin structure, both internally and externally. It restores hair's natural strength and comes in a 200-millilitre bottle.
  • ✅ KERATIN HAIR TREATMENT: The ingredients contained in our repairing mask are: keratin hydrolysate, emollient oils and cationic anti-frizz conditioners, masterfully combined in a special formula that prevents hair breakage and helps hair regain its natural shine.
  • ✅ POWERFUL ANTI-FRIZZ: Among the benefits of using our keratin mask is mainly the optimal moisturising and recovery of damaged hair. It also eliminates the most severe frizz and recovers, closes and seals the hair cuticle, repairing the keratin structure. This is the ideal hair care product if you have an extreme case of frizz.
  • ✅ CUTTING-EDGE HAIR TECHNOLOGY: Throughout our hair care range, we are at the forefront of research into hair treatments to enrich your hair in all circumstances. Our hair vitamins with stem cells and other specific components care for, treat and repair your scalp to keep it healthy.
  • ✅ SOLUTIONS FOR EVERYONE: With us you will always find the most effective hair treatment because we have all the products for hair care. At abril et nature we bring you our own formulas with exclusive compounds that make us leaders in the professional market. Our firm is used and marketed in leading hairdressing salons in more than 45 countries, including Spain.

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