The perfect concentrated mask for eliminating frizz
Introducing the new concentrated mask from Salerm Cosmetics that will let you say goodbye to frizzy hair and hello to beautifully smooth and glossy tresses. 


Controlling frizz can be a daunting task for people with unruly hair. We all want our hair to look perfect 24/7 without investing too much time and effort. But, although it may seem like an impossible goal, at Salerm Cosmetics we have launched the perfect hair care product to do just that. Do you want to know more? Then listen up! 


Why does frizz occur? 

According to hair experts, the main cause of frizz is lack of hydration. When our hair is dry, it tries to recover moisture by absorbing it from the environment. For this reason, when dry hair and a humid environment coincide, the result is frizzy and uncontrollable hair. 


How can I avoid frizz? 

Taking into account the causes of frizz, the only effective solution is to keep the hair hydrated to stop it from absorbing humidity from the environment. However, with sun exposure, pollution, and other external factors, keeping your hair hydrated becomes an almost impossible task. 

To achieve this, our hair care routine will not only have to moisturize the hair intensely, but it will also have to protect the hair to prevent dehydration. 


Salerm 21 Boost, the definitive solution in frizz prevention 

The new Salerm 21 Boost concentrated mask adds another step to the hair care routine of the Salerm 21 line going one step further in hair care and protection. Its formula creates a shield that protects hair from external factors and prevents dehydration and frizz. 

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